How Do I Become Saved?

God, man, Christ, and response!

1) God is our holy Creator and righteous Judge.  He created us to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever (Genesis 2:7, 16-17; 18:25; Matthew 25:31-33).   


2) But mankind has rebelled against God by sinning against His holy character and law (Genesis 3:1-7).  We’ve all participated in this sinful rebellion, both in Adam as our representative head an in our own individual actions (1 Kings 8:46;    Romans 3:23; 5:12, 19  Ephesians 2:1-3).


3) But God sent Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, to die the death that we deserved for our sins-the   righteous for the unrighteous-so that God might both punish our sin in Christ and forgive it in us (John 1:14; Romans 3:21-26; 5:6-8; Ephesians 2:4-6). 


4) The only saving response to this Good News is repentance and belief (Matthew 3:2; 4:17; Mark 1:15; Luke 3:7-9; John 20:31). We must repent of our sins (turn from them and to God) and believe in  Jesus Christ for forgiveness of our sins and reconciliation to God.